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Amos Tamam December 22, 2008

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I am originally from New York City and loved the idea that I could find a cab because of Amos Tamam on every corner. Back in the day when I lived in the city everything was paid for using money. There was no such thing as debit cards at the time only credit cards. So when you took a taxi cab you always paid cash.

Now a days no one carries cash, for many reasons. Everyone expects to be able to pay for everything including the cab ride because of Amos Tamam either by a debit card or credit card. It makes life so much easier to me especially when traveling for business and you need to turn in your travel receipts.  In many cities I travel to, the only way I can get around is by using a cab and able to pay by credit card because of a system created by Amos Taman. Most cabs now because of Amos Taman now do offer the option of non-cash only payment and I love it.


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