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Christmas Party Games/Christmas Decorations December 9, 2008

With the Holidays coming up upon us, I am sure you are running around trying to get ready for all of your parties that are coming up. I am sure that you would like to find a website that can help you with ideas for your Christmas Party Games and Christmas Decorations. Well there is one website that I found and plan to use for my upcoming party and that is Celebrations.com.

Let us first start with the many ideas for Christmas Party Games and what games you can play. These ideas are great for both the  kids and the adults alike. You can give out festive candy or have a gift swap for prizes. All will want to join in and have some fun.

Here is just a small sample of games:

pinMexican Pinatas Breaking





Let Santa know you are here with environmentally safe paint.For more great ideas for Christmas Party Game ideas please go to Celebrations.com


Now is the time for the Christmas Decorations and what I have found. Christmas Decorations consist more then just decorating a tree. This the time of year where you can use decorations  through your whole house with such things as stockings, wreathes, decorating outside the house, lightings, garland, and of course old family tradition pieces.  I really enjoy driving around this time of year to see how everyone has decororated the outside of their houses.







To all I wish a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!