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Mohammed Babangida January 17, 2009

Mohammed Babangida is the Principal Partner and Owner of Capital Chambers which is located in Abuja. Mohammed Babangida, before 1995 when he started his business, was a pioneer legal officer with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation. 

Mohammed Babangida is also known for his lectures on the Law of Contract, Commercial Law, Law of  Torts, and the Nigerian Legal Systems at the College of Law. Mohammed Babangida was also involved in a number of  National and International Assignments.

When he can find time one of the passions of Mohammed Babangida is music. He enjoys the great influence that Africa has had on music.


Mohammed Babangida December 21, 2008

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Mohammed Babangida  is known as the most controversial, most popular, and most influential president Nigeria ever had. Mohammed Babangida’s  highly calculated strategies are out of this world and people marvel about this man given rise to him being called Maradonna, named after the world most famous football player and  juggler from Argentina.

On the weekend of July 9th through July 11, 2004 was the wedding of Mohammed Babangida  to Rahama Indimi. The wedding was very glamorous and was attended by an end list of people. This marriage did not last.

On July 4, 2008 Mohammed Babangida  tied the knot to his second wife, Umuani “Umma” Wali.