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Popcorn November 28, 2008

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There are always one or two people that you need gifts for, but, they seem to already have everything you can think of. Why not get them something that is fun and unique and comes in many different varieties. What is that you ask? It would be popcorn, which comes in so many different varieties. Who does not like some sort of popcorn? I know that I like popcorn while watching a movie, a sports event, or just hanging out with my friends. The Pop Corn Factory offers many different styles of gourmet popcorn to fit every ones likes. They offer different many flavors of popcorn from almond pecan flavored to chocolate. The list of flavors goes on and on. Sounds yummy. The offerings of popcorn gifts are vast and very different. If you are looking for a popcorn gift for a particular holiday gift, a thank you gift, or even just a gift. The Popcorn Factory is the place you need to take a look at. popcorn-1popcorn-3popcorn-2



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With Thanksgiving being over, which I hope everyone had a great day, now is the time to think of the gift giving holidays that are right around the corner. I refuse to go out shopping on “Black Friday” and also I am not much of a shopper. I like to use the Internet to do my shopping.

So this morning I got up and thought what is a great gift that I get family members, friends, and business acquaintances. I needed something that I knew everyone would just love. I came up with two ideas that I knew everyone loves and craves. That would be chocolate candy and in fact any other kind of candy.

I began my search on the Internet to see what my options were and I found the website that was for Fannie May Fine Chocolates. Perfect, not only do they offer chocolate candy but, a large selection of other types of candies too. You even have the option to purchase no sugar added candies.

Fannie May is the place I will begin placing my orders for gifts today. They offer a great assortment that this way no two people will have to receive the same gift.



Shasta Pools November 17, 2008

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If you are looking for a unique pool for your backyard, Shasta Pools is what you are looking for.  At Shasta they create innovative pools that reflect your own personality and desires. They know that building a pool a pool can be an  intimidating project, but they will make it an enjoyable experience. They look at the property, take time out to listen to what you want and offer you many different options.

 Shasta Pools are there for not only creating your pools but to help with repairs or for replacement of parts needed.

Shasta Pools is there for your contruction of your dream or to help with the upkeep of your dream pool.


Consolidated Resorts

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Consolidated Resorts Travel was established by consolidated resorts, Inc in 2001 with over 25 years of experience in the vacation industry. The mission of Consolidated Resorts travel is to educate and inform our clients on how to enhance their vacation experience based on the best value and savings in the vacation industry.

Consolidated Resorts is also a great place to work and become part of the fun all year round.

Go look today at Consolidated Resorts and book your perfect vacation.


Tim Arel

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Tim Arel is a Property Manager for the greater Boston area.

Tim Arel is also a Property Manager for North Point Property Management LLC in Nashua, New Hampshire.


Andy Barkate

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Andy Barkate is a financiial executive with many decades of experience in financial service industry.

Andy Barkate has held management positions with several investment firms. He is the Owner and President

of California retirement plans, LLC and holds professional designation of “Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist” and certified College Planning Specialist”. Andy is also known as a financial author and speaker. Andy is a gifted teacher on the subject of retirement and personal finance. He conducts financial and retirement planning workshops to corporations and government entities including Boeing, Pacific bell, NASA, U.S. Department of the navy, Lockheed and Shell Oil.

Mr Barkate has lead a varied positions to lead him to where he is today.  Mr Barkate‘s experience has made him what he is today.


Linus Gitahi

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Linus Gitahi attended the University of Nairobi and is a General Manager at Glasomithkline.

Linus Gitahi attened the Februrary 20th leadership Forum at the Stanley Hotel.  Linus Gitahi answered many tough questions at this forum that is of interest for everyone.

 Linus Gitahi been involved in very
many forums and businesses to help better clarify important issues.