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Consolidated Resorts #2 December 22, 2008

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OK, it is only December and I cannot take the cold weather already. Time to take a vacation through Consolidated Resorts. I need to find a place that offers a variety of places to go and will not break my budget. I want to go to a place that offers me the vacation I deserve and need that Consolidated Resorts can offer.

I remember a friend of mine telling me that they had taken a vacation and used  Consolidated Resorts and it was  inexpensive and she said she felt like a queen. I am not sure where she went but, I am sure that who they used probably offers a variety of places to travel.

I called her and she said that they went through Consolidated Resorts. I will take a take a look at their website at www.consolidatedresorts.com  and see what trip I can book through them.