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Mohammed Babangida January 17, 2009

Mohammed Babangida is the Principal Partner and Owner of Capital Chambers which is located in Abuja. Mohammed Babangida, before 1995 when he started his business, was a pioneer legal officer with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation. 

Mohammed Babangida is also known for his lectures on the Law of Contract, Commercial Law, Law of  Torts, and the Nigerian Legal Systems at the College of Law. Mohammed Babangida was also involved in a number of  National and International Assignments.

When he can find time one of the passions of Mohammed Babangida is music. He enjoys the great influence that Africa has had on music.


Joseph Odindo

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Doing a search  today for different kinds of African music, I came up on a  person that really seems to enjoy the many different African music styles, and his name is Joseph Odindo. Until I came  up upon this site, I was not aware there were so many different styles dependent of  the region of Africa people came from. 

Joseph Odindo expresses that some of the musical genres of northern and northeastern Africa, and the Islands off East Africa share both the traditional African and Middle eastern traditions. Joseph Odindo also expressed that when the Africans moved around the countries, they brought their music with them. The African music and dance forms along with the Caribbean and Latin American music genres like the rumba and the salsa were founded  by the African slaves.