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Amos Tamam January 17, 2009

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Amos Taman is the Owner, President and Chief Executive Officer of VeriFone Transportation System, Inc.
Because of Amos Taman, in 1987, New York City taxis began to install equipment allowing passengers to use credit cards to pay their fares. This made life so much easier to take a taxi ride around the city. Especially those who used the taxis for business travel and never seemed to have cash on them.

Amos Taman saw how the word was getting around that he had a system available for taxis to accept credit cards and he began having other cities looking to obtain the same system.

Amos Taman’s idea is a great help especially in this economy and with the increase of crime around us. People do not like to carry cash.


Amos Tamam December 22, 2008

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I am originally from New York City and loved the idea that I could find a cab because of Amos Tamam on every corner. Back in the day when I lived in the city everything was paid for using money. There was no such thing as debit cards at the time only credit cards. So when you took a taxi cab you always paid cash.

Now a days no one carries cash, for many reasons. Everyone expects to be able to pay for everything including the cab ride because of Amos Tamam either by a debit card or credit card. It makes life so much easier to me especially when traveling for business and you need to turn in your travel receipts.  In many cities I travel to, the only way I can get around is by using a cab and able to pay by credit card because of a system created by Amos Taman. Most cabs now because of Amos Taman now do offer the option of non-cash only payment and I love it.