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United American Insurance Company January 17, 2009

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United American Insurance Company began in 1947 with meeting the insurance coverage needs of people all across the country. United American Insurance Company carries a full line of life, health, and other financial needs. They dedicate themselves to quality customer care and policy holder satisfaction.

United American Insurance Company carries a well known reputation for providing financial stability, quality products and streamed-lined services to their agents and their customers.

United American Insurance Company carries a well-known industry reputation for providing financial stability, quality products and streamlined services to their agents and customers alike. They continue to receive an A+ Superior rating from A.M. Best Company.


Amos Tamam

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Amos Taman is the Owner, President and Chief Executive Officer of VeriFone Transportation System, Inc.
Because of Amos Taman, in 1987, New York City taxis began to install equipment allowing passengers to use credit cards to pay their fares. This made life so much easier to take a taxi ride around the city. Especially those who used the taxis for business travel and never seemed to have cash on them.

Amos Taman saw how the word was getting around that he had a system available for taxis to accept credit cards and he began having other cities looking to obtain the same system.

Amos Taman’s idea is a great help especially in this economy and with the increase of crime around us. People do not like to carry cash.


Shasta Pools

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Most people around Phoenix know of Shasta Pools. They may even know that
Shasta Pools have built more pools in and around the Phoenix area more then any other pool builder. What most people are not aware of is that Shasta Pools Commercial Division has built over a thousand projects including pools and water features that they are likely already admiring while enjoying their weekend activities.

Shasta Pools is involved in the hot trend to have sporting cool features in indoor and outdoor malls. Shasta Pools is helping malls restructure to not only having stores for people to shop, but, to also add entertainment,  places to be able eat, and a place that people and kids can socialize with others.


Paul Offit

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Paul Offit has become an author and his new book “Autism’s False Prophets” which was published in September 2008.  Paul Offit is a pediatrician and is a mild yet and funny 57 year old. Paul Offit is also the chief of infectious diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is also co-owner of a vaccine against rota virus, a diarrheal disease that kills 600,000 children a year in poor countries.

Paul Offit received his education and built his experience at The University of  Maryland School of  Medicine, The Wistar Institute, Stanford University School of Medicine, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.


K- Designers

K-Designers began their start in the business of remodeling contractors in 1978 with the joining of brothers Lary and Lee Judson. They began their business with just 4 employees.

Today, K-Designers employees over 900 employees and are one of the largest remodeling contractors in the United States.

K-Designers feel that their success has been and always will be because of their commitment to give customers the best value for their dollar. K-designers uses the best material available and not just the most expensive. K-Designers also believes that choosing the best employees  and associates available and keeping them happy, will in turn make them more productive to create the best remodeling  job you want done.

K-Designers feels that it is also very important to take care of customers problems immediately, responding quickly to their needs and and showing them what true service really is. A vast amount of experience and a great customer service department is what people are looking for. The combination of the two aspects can make you see why they are at the top of their industry.


Andrew Wilshire

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Andrew Wilshire is a very successful entrepreneur that has the ability to combine his vast experience in financial planning as well as the ability to enable marketing power over the Internet. Andre Wilshire  began his own investment newsletter around 11 years ago and has been able to generate market analyses for  large commodity traders.

Andrew Wilshire has used his expertise in finance and technology to create and run a vast number of successful businesses that led him to an early success.

Andrew Wilshire is an expert on precious metals that exist in the various countries and believes that people should invest some of their funds in gold, silver, and precious metals to extend their portfolios.


Arlene Kock

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For over 29 years now Arlene Kock has been a family law attorney. Arlene Kock works in the 10 Bay area counties and represents clients on legal matters as far north as Cresent City and as far south as San Diego, California.
Arlene Kock also handles cases such as plaintiff personal injury, general civil litigation, juvenile law and felony and misdemeanor criminal law.
Arlene Kock is also a member of the Alameda County Bar Association and also serves on a number of associations and volunteer committees. Arlene Kock is also a part of the listing in the Who’s Who of Outstanding of Women.  Also, Arlene Kock is an experienced litigator and has jury and non jury trial experience.